Automation India 2011

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Automation India 2011

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Booth Design Tips and Traps

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ATTRACT the eye of the attendee by your Stall design

  • It must next tell them WHO you are and WHAT you do.

  • It must give them a REASON to want to share their precious time with you.

  • It must PERSUADE them to want to stop and talk with you.


Why is booth design important?

First, your exhibit must ATTRACT the eye and the attention of the attendee. This might seem like a no-brainer, but the fact is that many exhibitors forget it. Stand at the end of any aisle at any show. Look down that aisle and see how many exhibits truly attract your attention. Not many. In fact, most exhibitors tend to blend in with the crowd. They get caught in the trap of “We’ve got to have a ‘corporate’ look.”

Second, your exhibit must talk directly to your targeted prospect. They’ve got to GET IT right away. Remember, your objective is to maximize the number of quality encounters during the show. You don’t want everybody to stop, just the right ones. Your products may clearly show what your company produces, but it’s amazing how often we’ve stood in front of an exhibitor and could not figure out what they were selling! This is a very common complaint from attendees.

The third thing your exhibit must do is give the attendee a REASON to stop. Make sure everything in your booth walks the talk. When an attendee looks at your exhibit, they must be able to understand who you are and what you do IMMEDIATELY – within just a few short seconds. If you insist on making them figure it out … well, they simply won’t take the time. They just walk away.There are plenty of other exhibitors for them to focus on!

Unfortunately, many exhibitors fail to recognize this important fact. Typically, they fall into one of three traps.

The first trap is the Traffic Trap. This is where an exhibitor designs the booth and promotions to attract as many people as possible. These are companies who have no way of using trade shows to measure impact on creating or maintaining longterm customer relationships. If their booth is crowded, they MUST have had a successful show!

The second trap is the Cost Trap. These companies see trade shows purely as a line item in their budget. They’re an expense. And the only way to make money off an expense is to cut it down or out. These companies strip their participation to the bare bones. Many small and first-time exhibitors fall into this trap. You see them with the 3×3 booth, a couple of tables and chairs, and very little signage.

The Third trapis the Me-Too Trap. Very few exhibitors are willing to “visually” take a chance. In fact, most exhibitors (especially the smaller ones) look to each other for design ideas. That’s not standing out. That’s being a lemming. As Gary Hamel, author of Competing in the Future puts it: most people in an industry are blind in the same way – they’re all paying attention to the same things and not paying attention to the same things.


Enjoy your exhibition….. excerpts from the Steve Millers book

Stall Design for Companies with Limited Budget

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Stall Ideas

Stall Ideas for companies starting out in the world of trade events, or companies with limited budgets, trade event exhibits might be only three-by-three Meters. When compared to other trade event booths that measure 20-by-20 feet as well as larger, these tiny booths can seem to be, well, tiny. However, by using clever design tips that trick the eye, exhibitors can turn a small booth that might feel cramped if designed incorrectly into one that feels bigger.

Use Right Colors In your Trade Show Booths

It is common that lighter colors make spaces feel larger. White and pastels reflect more light to the attention, which the brain reads like a more open space. So if your trade event exhibits are small, use white, along with frosted glass and reflective surfaces, to create the space feel more expansive.

Yellows, greens, and blues also evoke feelings more space, since they are linked to the outdoors. Yellow may be the colour of sunshine, in addition to a lighter, more cheerful hue. Light blues suggest wide open skies and soothing water, which not only suggest a larger area, but also help to soothe the booth visitor or exhibitor.

Go Vertical with your Stall Design

If you cannot expand outwards, look upwards. Much of the time, space at the top of booths goes wasted. Discover in the convention center’s managers how tall your exhibit will go, and then work on using that space. Creating a taller exhibit will trick the attention into thinking the entire booth is greater. And when you do not have the budget to construct an elaborate, tall display, you can place such things as light fixtures, signs, and even balloons at a taller height too. Objects placed at any height create the overall feel of larger trade event exhibits simply because they draw the eye upward, and also the objects are separate from these products and people cluttering in the area on the ground.

By using mirrors and backdrops with perspective, lighter colors, and vertical space, exhibitors at trade show booths will be able to make their smaller booths feel much bigger.

Let’s be honest, when people are browsing around a trade event, they’re searching for a company, or companies, which will “wow” them with their product. Unfortunately, “wow factor” usually comes with a hefty cost.

Graphic Backdrops really helps

A potential and very inexpensive method to give your industry events display a boost would be to utilize banners and banner stands inside your trade show displays. They are economical, ranging from baseline banner stands to top of the line banner stands and very versatile. They are also very professional looking and give a lot of credibility to the service or product you are looking to sell. Banners and banner stands allow your business to give those passing with a snapshot of what your company provides.

Another possibility is really a backdrop for your show displays. They’re ideal for those looking to span the ground area that’s been allotted to the business and act as a backdrop for a table or demo station. Backdrops create an environment that radiates what your small business is about. It helps distinguish and separate you against the sea of other vendors. Besides this look great but it also enables your potential client to concentrate on the information you are providing them with instead of be distracted.

Overall, with banners, banner stands and backdrops, or a mixture of both, you are able to achieve an amazing look by having an inexpensive trade show display which has the feel of some thing costly.


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